Famardy is the main villain from King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing.


A year has passed since six giant monsters emerged on Japan and fought each other for control over Earth. Only three of them survived, becoming more powerful after absorbing the powers of the defeated monsters. Everyone thought they would rule the planet, but their rule was short-lived.

Famardy, a powerful alien entity, arrived on Earth, planning on conquering it. He spread his minions across the planet, and his right-hand, Beetle Master, announced the invasion to all earthlings, saying that Earth was now theirs and that resistance was futile. Obviously, the three monsters disliked the idea, and decided to defend the planet from Famardy. They fought all of Famardy's minions and eventually invaded his underground hideout, where he was waiting for them. Famardy ended up being defeated, but he divided himself into many small creatures, while the entire place crumbled. The three monsters killed all of the creatures, and escaped the place. The planet was now theirs again.