Fale Face is ?.

Appearances in other media


False Face was hired by Kobra to smuggle a deadly virus in Gotham City and was able to conceal the gas container in Nelson Nash's bag at Saint Denis where the virus was manufactured. When Nelson arrived at Gotham, False Face confiscated the vial while posing as a customs officer.

False Face broke into Gotham Plastics and opened the gates for Kobra. False Face learned that Kobra was going to coat millions of credit cards with the virus to achieve mass contamination, however he was secretly infected by the virus by Kobra in case things went wrong. When Batman and Stalker (who Special Agent James Bennett convinced to team up) raided the factory, False Face fled while being pelted with one of Stalker's phosphorus grenades which made him noticeable to Stalker.

False Face posed as Nelson Nash and tried to mingle with the crowd, however Batman attacked him and False Face was disfigured. False Face used a taser on Batman and the two dove off a couple of stories into a laundry room. Falseface set the place ablaze and walloped Batman with a stick. Batman turned the tables on him, but the building quickly started to crumple.

Before False Face could kill Batman, the virus started to affect him. False Face fled the building where he was found by Batman and Stalker. However his faith remains unclear.