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The Falconer Predator

The Falconer Predator is the tertiary antagonist in the live action film Predators. He was named for his usage of a bird-like robot when out hunting prey.


He works alongside Tracker Predator and Berserker Predator and tracks Royce's group down after they escape Noland's ship and kill Tracker Predator.  After Stans is killed, Hanzo stays behind to duel the Falconer Predator in one on one combat. After a sword-fight, the two killed each-other.


Falconer seemed to be the most honorable out of the trio, as he give Hanzo the fair fight by deactivated his cloaking and not using his drone unlike Berserker and Tracker. Because of it, its unclear what made him goes along with his more dishonorable partners.


  • Wrist Blades
  • Falcon-like Drone


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