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Falcone is a henchman of the Penguin in Batman: The Animated Series.


He, Eagleton, and Penguin's other henchman planned a robbery and stole some good and were chased by Batman and Robin but managed to escape them due to the damage of the Batmobile. The Penguin was displeased that the limousine was damaged and that they didn't retrieved the rare stamps. Falcone presented to Penguin, his friend Arnold Rundle who works in auto distribution company. In return, the Penguin sent Rundle a boat ride through the sewers that heads to a whirlpool. Falcone and his partners went with their boss to Earl Cooper, Batman's mechanic. They hold Earl's daughter hostage and made him plant a device in the Batmobile that makes Penguin control it through a remote.

Falcone stayed at the garage while his partners left with the Penguin to make sure Earl doesn't get Batman to know that Batmobile is controlled by the Penguin. After Penguin destroyed the Batmobile, Falcone was knocked by Earl and was later arrested.

Falcone later escaped and aided the Penguin into stealing a military helicopter. He served as the enforcer of his boss only to be defeated by Batman and was later arrested.

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