Koyomi Change Ring
A Fake Koyomi Fueki was created by the Phantom Ogre. She battled Haruto and defeated him.


A copy of Koyomi Fueki was created by the Ogre Phantom after the Hope Ring was stolen from Haruto. However, Koyomi initially holds animosity towards Haruto, she ultimately is hugged by Haruto, canceling her transformation after he undoes his and fades away, leaving behind the Hope Ring that was used to make her.

Kamen Rider Wiseman (Female)

Change, Now!
~ Transformation announcement


Fake Koyomi as the Second Kamen Rider Wiseman


  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 7.4 tons
    • Kicking Power: 9.3 tons
    • Highest Jump: 30 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.7 seconds


  • White Wizard Driver - Transformation device
  • Hamel Cane - Wiseman's weapon
  • Wizard Rings - Gives Wiseman access to her spells