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Fake Harley

Fake Harley is the henchgirl replacement for the Joker in The New Batman Adventures. She was hired by Joker to be a replacement for the original Harley Quinn, since it was cheaper.

When the Joker found out about his fortune, he, along with Fake Harley, and some goons went to commit robberies to gain it back. When Batman found out about Joker's plan, and captured Joker, Fake Harley was arrested as well.


  • When Fake Harley was arrested, it is revealed that she has black hair.
  • Fake Harley has a bad habit of calling Joker "Mr. G" instead of "Mr. J", which gets on Joker's nerves. She also has an annoying voice and laugh. These attributes nearly made Joker killing her and even missing the original Harley Quinn.


Joker auditions fake harley quinn01:40

Joker auditions fake harley quinn

Fake Harley's Debut

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