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Fake Frank has been acting as Filthy Frank for many months, creating videos in place of the real Frank on the show. The real Frank and his fake counterpart can be differentiated through the different choices of eye-wear: Fake Frank wore childrens' Spider-Man sunglasses and has recently switched to goggles while the real Frank wears clear glasses. Not much is known about the fake's story. Fake Frank has a large afro for hair, and will sometimes wear an aviator cap.

Differences between the Franks 

Despite Fake Frank bearing an uncanny resemblance and voice to the Real Frank, don't be fooled. The Fake Frank is always seen wearing a pair of Spider-Man shades or Goggles in contrast to the Real Frank's black rimmed glasses. He is also seen wearing an aviator cap (though in earlier videos, he barely wore it.


  • It should be noted that, in I HATE VEGANS, Fake Frank claimed he wouldn't eat vegetables, while, in PINK GUY COOKS STIR FRY AND RAPS, the real Frank showed enthusiasm over Pink Guys stir fry.
  • In the video on the TooDamnFilthy channel called WHITE PEOPLE CLUB at 0:58 maxmoefoe removes Fake Frank's glasses revealing normal eyes.

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