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Fake Crash is an evil clone to the hero Crash Bandicoot and a villain in the Crash Bandicoot series, but however, he is officially good/neutral. Also, he is the main antagonist of the Thumpin Wumpa Island Level in Skylanders Imaginators.


Fake Crash is a mysterious bandicoot who is known to appear in very random places. As the name implies, he looks like an imitation of Crash Bandicoot, though there are some key differences (such as the huge eyebrows and teeth). He has a rather goofy voice.

Fake Crash, originally created by Naughty Dog, was inspired by a cheap Crash toy originated in Japan, with huge eyebrows and teeth. The team started calling it "Trash Bandicoot," and later, "Fake Crash."

Fake Crash can be seen dancing in two separate levels in Warped. First in Toad Village, and second on an island in the first Jet Ski level with Coco.

They decided to include him as a goofy extra in Warped and CTR. He can be unlocked in CTR by winning the purple Gem Cup in adventure mode, or by holding down L1 and R1 and pressing circle, down, down, up, circle, circle, down, left, and right, in that order, at the main menu.

Soon he became more than a random Easter egg when he played a major role in N-Tranced.

Fake Crash is one of the series's most popular characters in Japan, and he is even a playable character in the Japanese version of Crash Bash, by holding down R1, R2, left, and down at the same time. However, this cheat doesn't work for adventure mode.

Fake Crash also appears in Crash Nitro Kart. In the console version, he is unlocked by getting 50 or more boosts on adventure mode as Team Cortex, and off-road on the track Out of Time in the GameBoy Advance version.

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