Fajer is a gigantic black bear who appears as the main antagonist in the graphic novel The Pride of Baghdad.


Fajer was a bloodthirsty and dangerous bear who challenges the lion pride. He eats most of the meals intended for Rashid, leading to the latter dying of starvation. He is first encountered by Safa and Noor in the abandoned temple, who attempt to bring him down by going for his neck and balls. Their failed attack results in him clawing out Safa's only good eye, rendering her fully blind and Noor being knocked out when Fajer throws her off his back. Before he can move in to kill a wounded Noor, Zill appears and challenges him. Although Zill attacks first and is able to pierce his skin with his teeth. Fajer initially has the upper hand, and throws him into a stone piller. But Zill regains his strength and gouges Fajer's nose before tackling him through a wall and onto the street below. Seriously injured, Fajer continues to mock the lions' nature, at which point Zill signals Ali to scare a group of horses into a stampede which crushes Fajer multiple times, breaking his spin in the process. Near death and in tremendous pain, Fajer begs the lions to kill him, which Zill refuses, believing a quick death is too good for him. They leave him to die slowly in agony.


Fajer is cold, heartless, bloodthirsty, and dangerous. He is partially merciful and sympathetic to those who cross his path. It is assumed that he is an excellent fighter and would fight to claim something or for just the sport. When Safa and Noor first encounter Fajer, he offers to let one of them go if the other one offers themself to him as his next meal.