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Faith Gregory

Faith Gregory is a minor antagonist from the 2015 comedy, Teacher of the Year. She is a student in Brian Campbell's class, but she developed a grudge against him because he failed her. In an act of revenge, Faith falsely accused Brian of sexually assaulting her, which led to Brian being put on leave until further notice. In a meeting in Principal Ronald Douché's office, Faith (with her mother next to her) described how Brian inappropriately touched her, but at that moment, Mitch Cooper (who attended with Brian) pointed out an inconsistency in her story. Faith stated that Brian was behind her, yet she also said that he directly touched her breasts. After some pleading from Mitch, Faith admitted that she hated Brian and that she lied about the assault. Even with that, Faith still insisted that Brian looked at her like he wanted to fondle her, and shouted that he shouldn't have failed her. As a result of Faith's confession, Brian was exonerated.

She was played by Olivia Crocicchia.