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The Fairy Shoeperson is (as his name suggests) a fairy-type entity from Sesame Street who appeared in an episode themed around shoes : he was a largely neutral being but still proved to be an antagonist in the manner of a magical nuisance and caused trouble throughout his short stay on the show.


While a hungry customer wonders whether to have the soup or the salad, Chris welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, and is about to eat a salad of his own, when Abby Cadabby poofs into view, causing the salad to fly out of his hands and land on the customer's head. Abby shows Chris her new shoes that she got from the Shoe Fairy - shoes are special to her because fairies don't usually wear shoes. However, Abby is surprised when Telly shows up wearing no shoes at all (unlike Chris and the viewer). She tells him to make a "shoe wish" so the Fairy Shoeperson will come and give him his first pair of shoes. Telly accidentally does so, and the Fairy Shoeperson (Neil Patrick Harris) poofs onto the scene.

When asked what kind of shoes he has, the Shoeperson breaks into song (and dance) as he magically puts all kinds of shoes on everyone on Sesame Street (whether or not they need them).

One the song is finished, Telly suggests that the Shoeperson surprise him with any shoe at all. He blows his shoe horn, and the first pair Telly gets on his feet is a pair of running shoes, which help Telly run, but not stop. Thus, the Shoeperson gives him some ballet shoes, which make him pirouette out of control.

The Shoeperson, getting more and more impatient, once again blows his horn and gives Telly a pair of sensible-looking shoes ... which lift him higher and higher (elevator shoes!). Telly certainly doesn't need the kind of shoes he can't balance on. The Shoeperson, fed up, disappears, and Telly once again has no shoes.

With the troublesome fairy gone Telly explains monsters don't really need shoes to be happy and thus things are resolved in a typical "happy ending" scene suitable for the Sesame Street tradition.


  • While a tame antagonist Sesame Street is known for preferring small-scale antagonists as violence and cruelty would be out of place (an exception is made for Huxley, one of the few "evil" characters to be made for the franchise).
  • He is obviously a parody of the Tooth Fairy and his troublesome alterations of reality make him similar to beings like Glitch Gremlin, Impossible Man and Mister Mxyzptlk.