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The Fairy Council

The Fairy Council

The Fairy Council (also known as the Supreme Fairy Council, the Ancient Fairy Council and the Fairy Elders) were supreme rulers of Fairy World and the creators of Da Rules.


These magical beings appear to be among the most powerful fairies in all of Fairy World. They created Da Rules, and led the fairies in a war against the Darkness.


The four of them that were seen wear full-body covering robes that are each colored from a prominent color in the Fairy World palette (turquoise, pink, blue, light purple). They also don't have wands, and use their hands to control magic instead of wands. They also have crowns over their heads like other fairies.


They decreed that no more fairy babies would be born after Cosmo. However, Jorgen wrote it on a sticky pad and forgot to officially put it down. They are also responsible for vanquishing The Darkness. All four of them are so powerful that they can perform magic even without a wand. They were mentioned in Fairly OddBaby but we did not see them until Wishology. Its not known what their exact position of power is in the Fairy World hierarchy, but all others such as Jorgen appear to be subjects to their whim.

They also appeared in the special episode "Timmy's Secret Wish!", acting as judges in Timmy's trial. They decide to age up everyone on Earth 50 years and erase Poof from existence just because of Timmy's wish. 

Fairy Council

The Fairy Council (with Jorgen Von Strangle as the unofficial member of the Council) as seen in A Fairly OddMovie: Grow Up Timmy Turner!.

Live action versions of the Fairy Council, without their hoods, appeared in A Fairly OddMovie: Grow Up Timmy Turner! and they reveal the "Timmy Turner Loophole" to Timmy and Tootie at the end of the movie.


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