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The Fairy is the main antagonist of Katy Towell's You Tube short, Never Woke Up.

The story revolves around a dream a young girl is having. In her dream, she sees the fairy holding a flower. At first, the fairy seems very pretty. But after the fairy eats the flower, her beautiful appearance changes and she becomes something of a monstrous figure. She turns around and sees the young girl and chases after her in an attempt to eat her. When she catches up to her, she grows even bigger with "scary teeth". Instead of eating her, the fairy disappears. As the girl is waiting alone in the dark forest in her dreams, she feels that something else is waiting to come after her, that isn't hungry.


  • It has been speculated by fans that the young girl is in fact in a coma, due to the video beginning with the little girl with a crack in her head, and that the fairy is supposed to represent her coma.


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