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Fagin is a sinister black vulture and is the main antagonist from the animated Danish film, War of the Birds.

Fagin was extremely spiteful and manipulative in life as he killed off the parents of the main heroes of the film, Olivia and Oliver. He also kept around a beautiful dove as a slave to do his evil bidding. He was planning to get Olivia and Oliver and tries to eat them.


Fagin (the huge black bird) and his dove slave.

Oliver got hit by Fagin and he almost ate Oliver but Betty hits Fagin's one eye. Then he chases Betty and kills her. Fagin was back and getting revenge on Oliver and Olivia. So Oliver was not being eaten alive so flew around to distract him. Then he gets Oilver. But he free out of Fagin's wings then he got Olivia and Oliver was saving her. And his slave saw that Oliver and Olivia was in trouble when she was going after Fagin. She grabs his wings and hid Oliver into the fire. She was still grabbing his wings. The two mice (Ingolf and Frederick) save Oliver. He bites his slave's wing and saw there was fire on his wing. Fagin was eventually killed in the final battle, and assuredly burned to death.

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