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Factory Owner Persson is the main antagonist of The Crownjewels 2011. He is Richard Persson's sexistic, cruel, tyrannical father.

He was portrayed by Swedish actor Loa Falkman.


He is first shown in the hospital along with Fernandez where Richard and Fragancia Fernandez were born at. But in a moment Mr Persson accidently dropped Richard, resulting in the metal plate behind his forehead. 

Years later, he scolds Fragancia for hitting Richard and say that girls shouldn't play hockey. During the years the company he is running is losing business due to his cruel ways and when Richard failed in a hockey game, he beated his son to the point where he flushed his goldfish down the toilet. At some point he raped his wife against her will, causing a divorced. Much later at Richard's late teens, Mr Persson's employeers started to protest against him. When he during a breakdown after losing his company, he scolds his son yet again after Jesús Fernandez death, he causes Richard to get angry by hitting him against the wall. He then tells Richard he never escape what he has done with Jesús.

It is presumed it was him who shot Richard since he same the same gun as well it is said he shot himself.