Group of people gathering and forming their own faction

In first 2 inFAMOUS game series, there are several rogue conduits or non-conduits Factions that would antagonize innocent people as well as other conduits which Cole Macgrath needed to deal with. In the first game, there are 3 factions where the first 2 led by supervillains whom sought to control the Empire City with the last one led by Kessler, the mastermind behind misfortunes that occured in the city for sake of preparing Cole for fighting The Beast.


The Reapers

A brief treatment of this particular faction follows. For detailed information, see Reapers.

First faction encountered, led by Sasha and later Kessler, they wear red uniforms and are covered with tar. At first, the members were drug dealer or typical thugs, but with Sasha had her minions to poison Neon District inhabitants with her tars, the number of the Reapers grows where majorities of new members of her faction are revealed to be brainwashed citizens.

The Dustmen

Dust men logo

Second faction, homeless people who revolted, led by Alden, they wear trash armor and work to build a giant tower of trash. Unlike Reapers, Dustmens were not recruited by force nor brainwash, but rather through their leader Alden's charisma. They primarily used scraps as components of their body armor, and stolen weapons. However, those whom possesses conduit gene revealed to mastered complex for telekinesis like their leader, as they can brought tiny scraps to life.

The First Sons

First sons logo

The main faction who caused the events of both games, led by Kessler, they are trained mercenaries who are much more skilled and strategic than the other factions.


The Militia

First faction encountered, led by Bertrand, they are as suggested - a militia and wear orange uniforms and masks

The Vermaak 88

The second forced conduit faction, led by the Ice General, they are an elite army who where given ice manipulation.

inFAMOUS 1 and 2



The police force that form the protection of the city's citizens. There are Empire City Police and New Marais Police. They are located in all districts and cities, as Cole McGrath fends off most of the other factions, Cole is either able to gain help from the police force (Good path gameplay), or they become another hostile faction to him (Evil path gameplay). They are usually seen patrolling around the streets at random locations.