Fabu from Totally Spies Movie

Fabu from Totally Spies!.


Fabu and his henchman, Yuri.


Fabu (right) vs. Tad (left)

Fabu is the main villain of Totally Spies! The Movie.


Before becoming a villain, Fabu was a failed male model who was ranked #1 on the "Top 10 Failed Models of All Time"-primetime TV-special on account of the fact that his modeling career literally only lasted for five minutes---a loose feather from an outfit he was wearing on the runway at his last fashion show made him sneeze and blew off all of his clothes (which was made up primarily of feathers), leaving him in nothing but his underclothes.

Fabu recruited a Russian man named Yuri after Fabu helped him with his spacewalk when Yuri was still a cosmonaut. To return the favor, Yuri built the Fabulizer machines and the Fabutopia spaceship for Fabu.

Despite Fabu's non-combat background, he was able to defeat Tad in combat by using not only hand-to-hand combat but by provoking Tad into emotional reactions. Fabu's the first themed villain obsessed with transforming people.


A machine created by Fabu and his henchman, Yuri. It was designed to do the following:

  • Elevate the moisture content in the eye, for reduced blinkage, and increased sparkle.
  • Arch the right eyebrow to a sumptuous 47.2 degrees.
  • Add dimples to both sides of the face, with an optional chin cleft.
  • Add 15% more teeth.
  • Whitening of the teeth.
  • Platinum streak hair, which covers one eye, "for that myterious peek-a-boo appeal."
  • Add an "attention-grabbing" cheek mole. The mole, unfortunately, contained a mind-control device, used by Fabu.


  • The spokeswoman for the Fabulizers is an obvious parody of Mona Lisa.
  • Clover referred to the Fabulizer as "a machine for insecure that gives a majorly unoriginal look."