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The Fiendish Organization for World Larceny (FOWL), is a criminal organization bent on world domination. It was created by Dr. Nogood, but after his demise it was led by the High Command.

FOWL Commanders


  • Dr. Nogood: Former head of FOWL, and also his founder. After a plan to render all the money in the world worthless, he dies when falling in a vat of chemicals, much like Dr. No.


  • The High Command: They take the command of FOWL after Nogood's demise. Nobody knows who or where they are, as they are always lurking in the shadows. They send missions to his agents by video.

FOWL Agents


  • Steelbeak: FOWL's top agent. He has liberty to do whathever he wants, even having his own personal henchmen known as Eggmen. His past is unknown, as well as how he got his beak of steel.


  • Ammonia Pine: A janitor from a research lab, after smelling a experimental disinfectant became over-obsessed with cleaning. Has a huge cleaning machine created by herself.


  • Ample Grime: Sister of Ammonia, and the complete opposite of her, as she loves dirt.


  • Major Synapse: Was demoted by the High Command after sending troops into a volcano, and put in charge of the psychic division, with two stupid hippies under him as a punishment. After stealing the Norma Ray, he turned the two hippies into supervillains, and he himself became a giant floating brain.


  • Oddduck: Dr. Nogood's personal henchman. Can catch bullets in the air with his beak.


  • Bruno Von Beak and Feathers Galore: Couple of agents hired to kill Launchpad McQuack. Feathers end betraying FOWL.

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