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Franklin Delano Romanowski (usually called FDR) is the main antagonist of the backwards Seinfeld episode, The Betrayal.

Episode History

In the episode, FDR invited Cosmo Kramer to his birthday party, and gave him the evil eye before he made his wish. FDR later tells Kramer that he wished for him to drop dead. Kramer then goes to great lengths to make FDR's wish does not come true, he first wishes on a shooting star against FDR's wish. However FDR tells him he saw the same star and doubled wished for Kramer to drop dead. Kramer and FDR are pulling on a chicken bone. Kramer tells FDR if he gets the longest piece, he'll drop dead and Kramer gets it, he won't. They break the bone and FDR wins. However Kramer begs FDR to give him another chance. So FDR takes Kramer outside and hits him with a really cold snowball. At the episode's end. It is revealed that two years before the events of the episode, Kramer hit FDR in the back of the head with a really cold snowball.


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