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Lee Brain, not Fleabrain!

F. Lee Brain (aka Fleabrain) is the evil scientist who conquering Vexburg with to burn citizens with glares. He has a helper named Slug. He and Slug are appeared in two episodes Revenge of the Fleabrain and The President's Brain is Missing in Roboroach.

Probably he voiced by Len Carlson.


Fleabrain has green long moustache and thick green eyebrows. He wears little glasses and white gloves in his hand.


Fleabrain is evil and mad scientist. He is so angry when his achieves failed.


A daynight in Vexburg, F. Lee Brain all lighted up so brightly. He wants to conquering Vexburg with his helper, Slug. He threaten Mayor Mierworm to conquer Vexburg. After that, he captured Lotus Lane for to put Rube out of action and stop getting his way. After Rube and Reg arrived, Fleabrain offer to eat something for simulating him. After Rube is out of action they try to escape, but Rube and Reg stop them. In The President Brain is Missing, Fleabrain try to control The President's brain but Rube and Reg stop them again. He never appears again until final episode Time Ticking Bug.


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