F.W. Fly

F.W. Fly

F.W. Fly is the tertiary antagonist in Peter Jackson's 1989 dark comedy Meet the Feebles.

He is voiced by Brian Sergent.

He is a parasitic paparazzi fly that works at Eyes in the Sky. When Robert (a procupine) shows up for his first day as a cast member, he is accosted by the Fly, who tries to corrupt Robert into informing on the cast. Arthur (a worm) saves Robert knowing that the Fly is a muckraker that cooks up lies.

Of all the cast members of the Feebles, the Fly is bent on breaking the career of Harry the Hare and becoming rich in the process. When Harry feels physically ill, he is accosted by the Fly, who was eating poo in a toilet, who assumes he has a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and wants to publish the scandal. After Dr. Quack diagnosed Harry with "The Big One" (which actually turned out to be 'bunny pox' which is less fatal), the Fly publishes the scandal in a local newspaper.

When Bletch and Trevor discovered his report, Trevor lured the Fly into the bathroom where Bletch was waiting. Bletch grabbed the Fly and knows that biased media and negative press would ruin him. So he tore the Fly's wings off and flushed him down the toilet, killing him, and to never let him bother Harry again.