Fū (Naruto)

is one of Danzō's Bodyguards and a minor antagonist in Naruto. He and Torune were accompanying Danzō to the Five Kage Summit and later chaos erupt as Sasuke attacked. Danzō and his bodyguards escape and then encountered Tobi. Fū and Torune fought Tobi but they were defeated and captured by the masked man. Fū was used as a sacrifice to revive Torune with Impure World Reincarnation as a demonstration by Kabuto for Tobi.


Fū like most members of the Root lacks a personality and are strictly loyal to Danzō. Fū also places great trust in his partner Torune while in battle. While fighting Ao, Fū can be a bit violent, arrogant, merciless, and sadistic, but learns when to give up if he could not acquire the Byakugan. While fighting Tobi (who was using Madara Uchiha's name), he is also shown to be calm despite the danger the latter brings.

Powers and Abilities

As an elite guard of Danzo and a member of the Yamanaka clan, Fū is a challenging and aggressive fighter. In his fight against Ao, he has the ability to put his target's mind in the body of a puppet and take control of his body even though he was far from his real body. Fū is also shown to have decent timing as he was going to switch out of Ao's body in an instant before beheading his target with a sickle.


  • In Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Fū appears as one of the few assist characters. His name in the game has been spelled Foo to avoid confusion with the Jinchuriki who bears the same name.
  • Fū is the only Yamanaka clan member revealed to be apart of Root.
  • Fū and Torune has been in Tobi's genjutsu from Chapter 475 to Chapter 520; 45 chapters.
  • According to Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, Fū was made to be a serious character.