Ezra Thornberry is the main antagonist of the Tales from the Crypt story, "Fitting Punishment". He is a corrupt and miserly funeral home owner and manager who is tasked with caring for his nephew following the deaths of his parents.

Original Comic Narrative

Ezra (with the surname Flint) is greeted by his nephew (named Stanley in the original comic narrative) after the latter has been sent to live with him. Ezra permits him to stay with him on the condition that he works. However, Ezra proves to be quite corrupt, such as when he tells Stanley not to nail down a coffin so that he may steal the corpse's gold fillings. Following a "mistake" in an order of a pine coffin (brought on by Ezra's desire to retain as much money as he can), Ezra paralyzes Stanley and blames his nephew for "being useless". Deciding he'll kill two birds with one stone, he murders his nephew by pushing him down the stairs and stuffing his body in the rejected pine coffin. As Stanley won't fit, he cuts off the teen's feet and passes off the murder as an accident. However, Stanley returns from the dead, using the crutches to support himself, to entrap and presumably kill Ezra.

Tales from the Crypt Episode

In the episode adaptation, Ezra gains the surname Thornberry and is an African-American while the story remains largely the same. His nephew, named Bobby in this incarnation and given a knack for basketball, arrives and works in the home. Ezra's miserly qualities are emphasized, such as deliberately ordering cheap materials. Like in the original narrative, Ezra paralyzes Bobby and later kills him by hitting him down the stairs with a basketball. He uses a cheap pine coffin to hold Bobby's body and cuts off the feet. He feigns grief over his nephew's death and is attacked by him and his severed feet, both returned from the dead. In this version, Bobby causes Ezra to become paralyzed after falling down the stairs and beats him to death with a crowbar.