Ezra Cobb is the main antagonist of the movie Deranged.

Ezra Cobb is based on Ed Gein.

He is played by Roberts Blossom

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Ezra Cobb lives with his mother in an unidentified region of the Midwest. His mother, a religious fanatic, has indoctrinated him since childhood to hate women. Upon her death, Ezra digs her up again, believing that she is still alive.

Ever more deluded each passing day, Ezra digs up various bodies, restoring them from their decomposition and even using them as home decor. Soon, Ezra's obsessions go beyond the dead themselves, and he becomes a serial killer. Luring women into his grasp, he soon finds various other "creative" ways in which to decorate his home.

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At the end of the movie he only killed two people just like Ed Gein it is unknown what happen to him. His Farm will be burn down to the ground.