Ezechiel Pregzt was the main antagonist in Alone in the Dark, which was the first game in the series.

He actually has two forms, both of which the player must defeat.

It was alleged that he fathered a son with another previous villain, Elizabeth Jarret, who was named Jebediah Stone.

He is also mentioned in Alone in the Dark 2 and Alone in the Dark 3.


Ezechiel Pregzt anchored his ship Astarte near New Orleans, Louisiana. He made a hideout in the swamp there, but ultimately was hanged in 1620 by Welsh Naval conscripts. Several years later, he was reborn as Elijah Pickford. With his new identity, he built Derceto Mansion and lived there until the mansion was burned down at the end of the American Civil War. Pregzt had attempted to possess the body of Union Captain J.W. Norton, who in response shot Pregzt. Now, his spirit lives underneath the mansion, waiting to live again by possessing a living, human host and unleash darkness upon the world. With his powers, he was able to enslave any living and undead being within the confines of the Decerto Mansion. He was only able to possess living bodies, so he was not able to possess Jeremy when he committed suicide. Jeremy Hartwood was the owner of the Derceto Mansion, who was seeing visions of Pregzt that caused him to commit suicide. He was also mentioned at least once in some literature in Alone in the Dark II, allegedly having fathered the villain in Alone in the Dark 3 with the sorceress Elizabeth Jarret, who was incidentally the secondary antagonist of Alone in the Dark II.

The player gets to fight a ghostly pirate corpse which is actually Pregzt. He can only be killed in a sword duel, although it only destroys his corporeal form. Near the end of the game, you actually see Pregzt in a terrifying second form, looking as if he has been bonded with a tree trunk, expectantly awaiting the player to enter his domain. He summons Deep Ones and fires a slow fire-blast at the player. He is defeated once and for all by removing his magical protection with a Talisman and throwing the lamp at what Pregzt has become, burning and killing him. All the beings enslaved by the evil captain have now disappeared as the house itself seems to tear itself apart.