Eyemore was an alien hypnotist who appeared as a villain in the rebooted "Biker Mice From Mars" series, willing to sell his formidable hypnotic powers for criminal gain.

Eyemore took the guise of a stereotypical tuxedo-wearing gentleman but was in reality a far from human creature with a gigantic cyclops-like eye that he could use to project powerful psychic energies that put a victim under his complete control.

Eyemore used his power to take over Charley's mind and forced her to help in sabotaging a race, resulting in mayhem as the biker mice's famous motorbikes start to go haywire on the tracks.

As a result of Eyemore's manipulation the mice begin to distrust Charley and feel betrayed, she in turn is unable to explain what happened as her memories are a blur.

Charley manages to regain their trust however when she helps save them from on of the Catatonians new war-machines - however Eyemore soon returns and once again takes over Charley's mind.

The next day the war-machine returns and the mice head into battle, however Vinnie's bike refuses to start and he comes face-to-face with Charley in a zombie-like state, who Eyemore has commanded to destroy the bikes.

During the confrontation Vinnie knocks Charley down, awakening her from Eyemore's control and together they defeat the war-machine.

However Eyemore finally reveals himself in person, riding a Catatonian battle-quad along with a few henchmen, he and Vinnia proceed to engage in a vehicular battle - Eyemore holding a grudge over Vinnie having previously damaged his prized tuxedo (albeit unwittingly).

The chaotic battle soon sees Eyemore pursue all three of the mice into a bike derby where his vehicle is destroyed and he falls into a pit of slime - much to his horror as he once again mourns the loss of another tuxedo.

Yet even as the mice prepare to head off to victory Eyemore appears once again to exact his final revenge on Vinnie, forcing him to cluck like a chicken in front of the others (who are bewildered at the whole scene) - Vinnia was rescued from further humiliation however when Charley threw a bucket of water on him to break Eyemore's control.

Eyemore proceeded to try to take command of Charley again but she was now prepared and used a small mirror to reflect the alien's power onto himself, putting him under Charley's control - she proceeded to command him to punish himself for his behavior.

Eyemore proceeded to start beating himself in a comical manner as he wandered off to an unknown fate.