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Sleep with your eyes open.
~ Eyeless Simon

A image of eyeless Simon drawn by an unknown artiest.

Eyeless Simon, is a fictional creepy pasta character who associates himself with Jeff The Killer Though the origins of Eyeless Simon are known it is speculated that he, much like Jane The Killer . Was one of Jeff's past victims. Simon Also claims that Jeff had slit his throat and carved out his eyes with a  knife, but some how he survived the attack and now wonders the world with no eyes. In many stories, cases, and reports online it is speculated that Simon (Though again has a lack of sight.) Can easily navigate though homes, and apartments and kill his victims by cutting their necks, and carving out their eyes. If one of his victims were to survive how ever they would later take their own lives due to haunting reoccurring dreams of the boy. And though no images have yet to surface of Simon as of yet. Witnesses describe him as being a 5'8 white male  with pale skin and dark brown hair. He wears a dark gray hoodie, and black sweatpants.  recently a message on the /b/ board of 4 chan. A message from an anonymous user surfaced. As well as a news paper article from a unknown publishing company in Kansas. As well as Several images on faceboook, twitter, and myspace of Eyeless Simon from an unkonown artiest.  

The letter


Newspaper article suspected to be about eyeless Simon

Dear, Jeff the Killer  
Remember when you slit my throat and told me to go to sleep? Right before you carved my eyes out of their sockets and stuffed them into your pocket? Well I want them back! And unlike Jane I Get what I want. So if you're wondering why most of your victims that you targeted were long gone before you got to them, and why their eyes are missing it's because I beat you to them. So you better sleep with both eyes open tonight because I will find you Jeff! 

Your friend, Eyeless Simon.


It was hinted in the short story, Jeff The killer Vs Eyeless Simon, Recently posted on the /b/ board of 4chan. That Simon has the arability to heal his own wounds though a strange process. This sparked a brief argument among users on the board. Many argued that Simon was nothing but a mere clone of Eyeless Jack , others argued that the origins of Simon were Original. Soon the whole topic and post had been taken down by admins of 4chan.

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