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Eye Patch is an enemy of Spider-Man in the 1970's Electric Company series. Eye Patch (Skip Hinnant) is a pirate with an evil eye, concealed by a patch. Anyone who is exposed to Eye Patch's powers are prompted to do the last thing they would ever want to do. He causes trouble in town. He flashes his eye at Spidey who dances foolishly, allowing Eye Patch to escape. Eye Patch then flashes his eye at a peace-loving flower child (Judy Graubart) who punches him in the cursed eye (the last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt someone), taking away Eye Patch's power and giving him a whole new outlook on life (no pun intended) as he, Spidey, and the flower child walk off together.

It is possible Eye Patch was a mutant or a mystical mutate, he may also have connections to Master Hate considering his abilities focus around hatred - he, like many older villains, is unlikely to have survived into the modern era of comics (especially considering he renounced crime after having his "evile eye" damaged).