Exodus is an evil organization that acted as major antagonists in Tales of Xillia and its sequel. It was originally founded by Gilland at least 20 years ago.

Throughout the game, their motives involved using the power of the Lance of Kresnik. At Fort Galdala, they sought after Teepo for the booster inside of him, as well as keeping a few citizens of Sharliton (including Lord Cline) prisioners at Bermia Gorge for experimenting purposes. Later at Xain Du, in order to kill Milla by any means necessary, they poored a lethal poison in everyones soup, leaving Jude's group as the only survivors. For the match, they made sure the rules were reverted back to the original ones; that they'd be one-on-one and to the death. However, as Milla stepped in alone, a group of soldiers tried killing her instead. Other soldiers were seen in the audience taking away Teepo, with Alvin and Elize in pursuit. At Fezebel Marsh, several ships were seen with Gilland and the Lance of Kresnik. On the S.S. Zanethra, Exodus (briefly) fell after Gilland's death.

In Tales of Xillia 2, they often tried to ruin peaceful negotiations between Razie Maxia and Elympios.