Excitable Boy

The unnamed young boy is the main protagonist and villain of Warren Zevon's song, Excitable Boy. Throughout the song, he is referred to by those around him as "an excitable boy" for his horrendous actions.


From the beginning of the song, it is made clear that he is a trouble maker, or at least somewhat insane. It is stated that during dinner on Sunday, he would rub the pot roast all over his chest for no real reason at all. At one point, he went over to the 4 am show at the Clark where he bit the usherette's leg. By the end of the song, it is revealed that he raped and killed his date to the Junior prom, Little Suzie, for no reason at all and took her body to her house (possibly revealing he killed her to her family). After he was discovered for how insane he was, he was put in an asylum for 10 years. When he finally got out, he dug up Little Suzie's grave, stole her body, and made a cage out of her bones.



As Warren Zevon once toured with The Everly Brothers, it is assumed that the 'Little Suzie' in this song is a reference to that group's hit song 'Wake Up Little Suzie', including the reason the couple got home late—if ever, in her case.