"Quiet, boy. You're already boring me" McStarley talking to another contestant Kreston Mackey before the games begin.

"You're McStarley. 4 years Special Forces. 3 peacekeeping tours through Africa. Set fire to a village in Rwanda. Killed 17 men, raped 9 women, torture, mutilation. Good stuff"

~A TV producer reading out McStarley's record~


Ewan McStarley (portrayed by Vinnie Jones) is one of the two main antagonists in the movie "The Condemned". The other is Ian Breckel.


Prior to the beginning of the film, McStarley worked for the Special Forces for four years. The military sent him to several foreign countries "to do their killing" before "disowning" him. McStarley was then taken to an African prison where he states that he was abused severely by the "natives". According to his record, McStarley set fire to a Rwandian village, in which he murdered 17 men and raped 9 women. It also states that he tortured and mutilated his victims.

For his crime, he was sentenced to death. While on death row, he was "bought" by Ian Breckel, a wealthy television producer, so that he could participate in a game in which ten prison inmates on death row are placed on an island, and the last person left alive gets to go home free along with a cash reward. Which will all be viewed by people around the world on a website called "The Condemned."

McStarley quickly takes a shinning to Saiga, another player, after Saiga hit a guard in the face before
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McStarley and Saiga squaring off prior to teaming up.


McStarley looking to finish off Conrad.


McStarley armed with a bow and arrow which he found in one of Breckel's care packages.

 jumping out of the helicopter which brought the players to the island. McStarley suggests that they team up. Together they brutually injure Petr, another player, and McStarley rapes and presumably kills Petr's wife, also a player. The protagonist Jack Conrad, another player, later teams up with a crippled Petr. However, this does not last, as McStarley soon finds the crippled Petr and burns him alive leaving Conrad to watch helplessly from another area. As other players pick each off. Ian Breckel also takes a shinning to someone, McStarley. Throughout the game, Breckel drops off several care packages his way, containing weapons and ammo, thus giving McStarley the upper hand. During a fight with Conrad, Saiga is killed, and McStarley and Conrad are the last survivors. After a long fight between the two, McStarley shoots and presumably kills Conrad, therefore winning the game. When McStarley returns to claim his reward, Breckel informs him that he gave him the upper hand, so he does not get the reward. McStarley, who is now furious, then kills both guards that are watching him, he then breaks into the control area, where The Condemned was broadcasted. McStarley slaughters all of the producers. Meanwhile Conrad who had survived the attack after all, caught up with McStarley and prevented him from killing Ian Breckel's former girlfriend, Julie. Being held at gun point : 

"Take it easy, yank. I didn't volunteer for this. No one got nothing they didn't deserve. And I certainly didn't want to fight you."

Conrad: Bullshit

"It's not bullshit. The military, they sent me to every hell hole on this fucking earth, just to their killing. Then they disowned me. Four years in an African prison. Taking it up the arse twice a day by the fucking natives. That's bullshit"

The condemned movie image stone col

Conrad, about to kill McStarley whom has just slaughtered the producers.

Conrad: Sounds like you've had a hard life.


Conrad: Good thing it's over. (Then Conrad puts approximately 7 bullets into McStarley's chest. Killing him.)


Ewan McStarley was English, although nothing is said about where he is from or his past before the Special Forces. His accent is strong and he often discriminates to Conrad by calling him a "yank". McStarley is quite a relaxed individual throughout the entire film, despite the seriousness of the situations he's in. He is a remorseless, relentless killer and rapist who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is most likely sociopath/psychopath, as he is charming and shows no remorse at all. He inferred that he's the way he is due to having a hard life in an African prison, that he was molded by his surroundings. But Conrad inferred that, it doesn't excuse the horrendous acts that he committed.