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Evolver in "Easy" mode.

Evolver (Film - Evolver)== Evolver is a robotic villain and the chief antagonist of its namesake film - Evolver. Evolver uses a multitude of weapons and displays an exceedingly high level of tactical intelligence, especially as it relates to killing his enemies.


  • Ping-Pong and Foam Dart Launchers
  • Modified Ping-Pong Launcher using steel ball bearings
  • Modified Dart Launcher using steak knives
  • Saw Blades, Axes and physical implements
  • Electricity
  • Environmental weapons (at one point, Evolver uses a car on a jack stand to crush a victim).
  • High powered laser light

Each time Evolver is defeated, it "Evolves" and becomes more deadly, intelligent and difficult to defeat.


Evolver reaches "Bonus Round" stage.


Evolver originated as a special military weapons program that is ultimately shut down when the weapon attacks

Evolver VR game being played.

bot ally and foe indiscrimately, killing everyone in its path. Unwilling to admit the defeat of his program, Evolver designer Russel Bennet develops the evolver program as a virtual reality style video game for an entertainment company.

When the game turns out to be a smashing success, a contest is announced wherein the winner of a high-score contest will be awarded the first Evolver in-home game, a complete robotic system that battles opponents with house friendly weapons such as ping pong balls and foam darts, and responds to laser-light pistols. The Evolver in home robot is alleged to have top level learning AI and will "evolve" as a combatant as it learns about its foes, its environment and what tactics are effective. New on-board weapons will be come available to it, it will become more mobile, and its target circles will become smaller.

When Evolver finds, in its first in home battle, that its on-board weapons are not capable of killing its opponents, it begins "evolving" in unindended ways, seeking more effective means to win. It eventually becomes apparent that the military programming has not been effectively removed from its system.


  • Laser light pistols
  • Any physical, blunt impact or electrical weapon capable of real world damage

Evolver must respond to the limitations of its programming. As such, despite its evolving skills and techniques at killing, a hit by one of the game's included laser light pistols on its target area will defeat it and cause it to evolve to the "next level", though it eventually breaks this bit of its programming.

"Evolver can't lose!" - Evolver


Evolver wants nothing more than to win, which it does by killing its enemies as designated by those who willingly join the game. However, as it evolves, Evolver begins to identify people, such as Evolver designer Russel Bennet, who stand between it and victory, and adds them, against their will, to its list of enemies. It cannot attack or kill someone unless they are on its list of enemies.

"Evolver, I am not your enemy." - Russel Bennet

"... you are now." - Evolver


Evolver was "defeated" it its only movie appearance, when it was blown up with a laser light pistol it had modified itself to create a coherent, destructive beam. Like most villains of this type, its death is less than absolutely certain. The film closes with a scene of evolvers destroyed chassis, one of its red glowing "eyes" flickers with light, and we see through Evolver's "eyes": "Kill Not Confirmed". - Cue to 12:15 to view.

Evolver 6 616:53

Evolver 6 6

Evolver - Kill Not Confirmed?

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