"A minor setback."
~ Evil's catchphrase in the series.

Evil the Cat is one of the villains from the Earthworm Jim series. He was voiced by Edward Hibbert in the animated show.


Simply put, Evil the Cat is evil given the form of a cat. Evil rules Planet Heck, which he modeled to shape his vision of evilness, with spikes, slippery cliffs, fiery pits, ghosts, lawyers and elevator music. Evil then decided to expand his distorted vision to the entire universe, making it to look like his planet. When Earthworm Jim came to his planet, while giving chase to Psy-Crow, Evil decided to take Jim's supersuit, since it would allow him to conquer the universe. Evil managed to get the suit, then tried to disintegrate Jim with his huge fireball cannon, but Jim retrieved the suit and killed Evil's nine lives.

Evil has a cousin named Flatigious, who runs The Circus of Scars. During the summer in Heck, they switch jobs, with Evil running the circus. Evil would meet Jim at the circus some time after his defeat, and attempt to kill Jim again, but to no avail.

In the cartoon series, Evil has a different goal in mind, trying to destroy the universe instead of conquering it. There, he has a minion called Henchrat who helps him search the universe for apocalyptic artifacts. 

Planet Heck


Evil in the series


Evil is a pure evil character, complete with maliciousness and devoid of feelings. Even so, he also acts like a common cat in some situations, licking his fur and playing with yarn balls.

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