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"Evil Xavier" is the un-official name of a villainous alternate-version of Xavier who appeared in an Exiles storyarc - he was a deranged anthrophobic terrorist who sought to commit genocide against the human race and was imprisoned as a result: when the Exiles came to his world they believed that he was a victim of human oppression and set him free only to get a nasty surprise when they realised they had unleashed a monster - "Evil Xavier" proceeded to knock the group out using his powers and went on a rampage.

This version of Xavier was killed by the Exile Mimic at the end of this storyarc - ending the threat he posed to humanity once and for all (at least it would appear so, with psychics it is never certain as he could survive as a thought-form, like Kid Omega or Shadow King did).

This version of Xavier is NOT to be confused with the Shadow Xavier, who is another evil-version of Xavier who appeared in New Excalibur and was technically a pawn/host of the Shadow King.

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