Evil Wonder Woman is a villain in Superfriends. She likes
Evil Wonder Woman
to spread chaos and destruction. She and her allies spread chaos in an alternate universe. When Superman switched with his evil counterpart, she tries to defeat him.

When Superman escaped from the Super-Enemies' hideout, Wonder Woman and her comrades confronted him in Mt. Vesevius. At the time, Superman poured the anti-matter into the volcano. This caused him to return to his universe. Evil Superman returned to his universe too and he was angry at his partners. Her weapons include a whip and a kryptonite gun. This version was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. It is never stated that this version of the Amazon from Paradise Island, is actually Princess Diana. Her specific birth name and original identity was never revealed in-story, though some readers suggest that Diana of Earth-Three did parallel the Pre-Crisis Earth-TWO Wonder Woman and may therefore share the same back story.