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The Evil Wizard Whose Name Mustn't Be Spoken

The Evil Wizard Whose Name Mustn't Be Spoken

The Evil Wizard Whose Name Mustn't Be Spoken is the main antagonist in the German comedy movie Berndi Broter und der Kasten der Katastrophen which is a parody of the first Harry Potter movie and he's a parody of Lord Voldemort.

He appears at the end of the movie, planning to steal a magic amulett which seems to give him the power to rule the world. The only one who can stop him is the main protaginist, Bernd the bred, because a prophecy said that the wizard can be stopped by someone with short arms and a box head. When he appears, he creates monsters Bernd and his friends faced before (what suggestes that it was him who created them) to keep them from stopping him to steal the amulett.

Although they defeat them, the wizard manages to throw Bernd's friend Chilly away and asks the two left friend about a last whish. Bernd asks why nobody is allowed to say his name, and the wizard explains that his name is very complicated. When Bernd asks him what his name is, the wizard tries to say it, but always makes a slip to his tongue. Angrily, he finally breakes his wand and disappears, probably dies forever. 

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