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Evil Ultralinks are Ultralinks that are very evil and come in many shapes and colors. One thing is like that the Evil Ultralinks Ultralink or bond with anything they in contract with. Then turn into a mutant or monster. They will also be part of the Invasion of Ultralinks, which is where a lot of Ultralinks team up and want to conquer the world and destroy Max Steel. Some Evil Ultralinks are Makino, The Elementors, Extroyer's Ultralink, and others more. They first appeared in Earth Under Siege Part Two.


They were created some way, but they are all under the control of Makino, their ruler and leader.



  • The Evil Ultralinks are loyal to Makino their leader and ruler of Planet Makino.
  • Also, it is said that Steel was once an Evil Ultralink, but then he was later programmed to be a good Ultralink.


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