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Hahahaha! I have you now!
~ The Evil Sultan

The Evil Sultan (as he is called) is an evil monarch threatening to become the new sultan ruler of Agrabah and a minor villain from Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge. He could be a henchmen or an ally of wicked Jafar's twin sister, Nasira.

He is a deadly adversary astride the Golden Phoenix, his flying mechanical bird.

After The Evil Sultan appeared in his kingdom The Ancient City and kidnapped the real Sultan of Agrabah which he was bein send by Jafar's twin sister Nasira, after Aladdin frees The Sultan from the organ tubes, Aladdin fly the Magic Carpet into battle, dodging his flame launched missiles and look out when he turns orange and slams on the brakes. Aladdin won this aerial battle and have rescued Princess Jasmine's father, the true Sultan of Agrabah while he also collected the 4th and last Serpent Idol from the fallen Evil Sultan it is unknown that he is dead or alive before meeting Mystic in Nasira's disguise and heads to Nasira's lair to stop Nasira from free her twin brother Jafar.


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