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~ Evil Stu

Evil Stu who is the creepy and maniacal version of Tommy Pickles's father Stu, appears in a nightmare in one episode at the ending in Rugrats. Chuckie's dad Chaz sees him thinking it was the real Stu after he took Chuckie to bed. Evil Stu, unlike the original Stu, has a big nose, a goofy smile, funny-looking blue eyes, and his tongue sticking out.

He turned around, revealing a nightmarish version of Stu, and said "I'm not Stu.". followed by some evil laughter. Chaz then woke up screaming, realizing it was just a nightmare.


  • Evil Stu is similar to Evil Tommy Pickles as they both have big eyes, a big nose, big ears and a big tongue and they both have a scary laugh.