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The evil scientist uncle of Ted Kord. When his nephew Ted Kord became the Blue Beetle, he was unable to get the Scarab to work for him. Ted later asked Jarvis to unlock the scarab's secrets, but Jarvis decided to use the scarab to take over the world using robots based on scarab technology. Blue Beetle manage to stop Jarvis, and sends the Scarab somewhere else, which claimed his life in the process.

Later, Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle) came to Science Island to look for the now deceased Ted Kord and ran into Jarvis Kord (who was posing as Ted). Jarvis managed to dupe Jaime to use the Scarab's powers to power up the beetle robots to help make the world "better" (which was a cover-up for his world domination plot). Jaime stumbled upon the beetle robots in Jarvis' only to be ambushed by Jarvis in a large beetle-like exo-suit. Batman managed to disable his exo-suit as Jarvis commands his robots to attack. Batman managed to take some of them down before Jarvis forced him to surrender. Jarvis then prepared for world domination. Jaime helps Batman defeat Jarvis and overload the reactors to destroy Science Island.

Guy Prompton

Guy Pompton Evil Star

Guy Pompton, owner of Ace Movie Rental Agency and a crimelord, donned a costumed identity to stop a movie studio from completing a film that used a script that would have exposed his criminal activities. He fought the Justice Society but possessed no superhuman abilities.

Television History

Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

120px-Evil Star Filmation 001
In this show Aquaman and Green Lantern have to team up to defeat him which they are eventually are able to do.

Justice League Unlimited

200px-Evil Star DCAU
Evil Star later appears in this show as a member of the Legion of Doom. At one point Flash desguised as Lex Luthor asks him what his part in a plan but he claims to have no part in it. When Gorilla Grodd lead a mutany against Luthor he sided with Luthor and wound up being one of the only survivers of the Legion's headquarters exploding. In the end he along with the other villians and the League fought off Darkseid's invasion.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Evil Star BTBATB
He also appears in an episode where he fights Blue Beetle in space and nearly wins but Beelte was able to descover his weakness which is blocking out the stars which is his source of power. In the end he was delivered to the Green Lanturns.
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