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The Evil Spirit

Full Name
The Evil Spirit
The Spirit
The Care Bears Movie
Evil spirit
Powers / Skills
Black magic, manipulation
Doing evil deeds.
To take over and ruin the world.
Type of Villain
Dark Form

The Evil Spirit, also known as The Spirit, is the main antagonist of the first Care Bears movie and is depicted as a sentient magic-book with the face of malevolent witch on it, she is extremely manipulative and cruel - utilizing a friendless young boy named Nicholas as a pawn by which to take over the world and get rid of everything that is good and pure and replace it with wickedness and corruption.

She feigns friendship with Nicholas only for her own benefit and is almost completely without redeeming characteristics - making her a true villain and one of the more evil characters in the Care Bears universe, her power was also seen as great - though she was ultimately little more than a book and as such without the aid of Nicholas she was much less powerful.

In the end of the movie Nicholas breaks free of the Evil Spirit's influence and with aid from the Care Bears uses a key to lock the book again, trapping the Evil Spirit once more and sparing the world from her malignant influence.


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