You've lived quite a life, Rick. It's a real shame you're not going to be around to see it through.
~ Evil Rick to C-137 Rick

Evil Rick is the secondary antagonist in the episode "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind" in the cartoon series Rick and Morty. Evil Rick traveled to several universes, killing numerous Ricks and kidnapping numerous Mortys. He is later revealed to be a robotic puppet under control by Evil Morty.


Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind

Evil Rick had hacked C-137 Rick's portal gun and traveled to several universes, killing their Ricks - including the Scientists Formerly Known As Rick - and kidnapping their Mortys to frame C-137 Rick, making the Council of Ricks go against him. When C-137 Rick and Morty traced where the signal was coming from, the two set off to Rick's base


Do your worse, you little bastards! Kill me! Do it! Do it!
~ Evil Rick upon his death

C-137 Morty persuaded the imprisoned Mortys to rise up against Evil Rick, the Mortys bombarded Evil Rick's lair and started to trample Evil Rick to death. The Council of Ricks then came to investigate and take the Rick-less Mortys someplace safe. After close investigation, the Council discovered that Evil Rick was a robotic puppet being controlled by someone else.