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This Evil Queen is the main villain of the 'Children's Classics' version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She was voiced by Kathleen Barr.


Like her other versions, she tries to kill her step daughter, Snow White; She first sent her huntsman to slay her, but that failed causing her to kill the princess herself through 3 different disguises (old woman, old man, and little girl) with three different gifts one of each between the respective order: a lace (originally a pair of snakes), a comb (originally a spider), and an apple (which is poisoned); the last gift ultimately tried to kill her until the bite got out of Snow White's mouth and just as the queen was about to attend the wedding, she asked the mirror again who is the loveliest of all, she finds out that it is Snow White who is alive and wedded, causing her to break her mirrors in rage until she gets imprisoned by her magic mirror.


  • (repeated line) Magic Mirror, tell me do, tell your mistress, tell her true; Answer me, obey my call, who is the loveliest of all.

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