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Soon you will be the ones unmasked as the buffoons you truly are!
Jacobo unmasked

The Evil Masked Figure is the main antagonist of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. He was the disguise of Heather Jasper Howe who in turn was the disguise of Jonathan Jacobo, the original Pterodactyl Ghost who was thought to have died in an escape attempt. He wanted revenge on Scooby and his friends for him being imprisoned.


He stole the costumes of some past Scooby-Doo monsters (such as The Pterodactyl Ghost, The Black Knight Ghost, The 10,000 Volt Ghost, The Skeleton Men, The Zombie, The Miner 49er, The Ghost of Captain Cutler, the Cotton Candy Glob and the Tar Monster). From the Coolsonian Criminology Museum and brought them to life so they could destroy Coolsville, the town where Scooby and his friends grew up. Eventually Scooby and the rest the gang find the place he makes the costumes to come to life with their supposed abilities only to be ambushed. Luckily Scooby managed to turn all the monsters back into lifeless costumes and he and his friends captured The Evil Masked Figure. Then it's revealed to be Heather Jasper Howe who was in fact Jonathan Jacobo, the original Pterodactyl Ghost, who wanted revenge against Mystery Inc..


  • "Mystery Incorporated!"
  • "Soon you will be the ones unmasked as the buffoons you truly are!"

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