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I am Evil Marie!
~ Evil Marie

Evil Marie is a ghoul and one of the bosses of CarnEvil. A combination of Lizzy Borden and Marie Antoinette, the player encounters her at the end of the Haunted House Level in the cemetery, where she explodes out of a mausoleum and attacks with her axe. Marie is capable of flight, and firing energy shots at the player. Halfway through the fight she loses her dress and continues the battle in her undergarments.

She is killed when the player shoots her down and she is impaled on a spiked fountain in the cemetery.

There are indications in the haunted house that Marie was always bloodthirsty even from a young age, the most telling of which is a crayon drawing depicting her decapitating someone. However, since the Haunted House is a ride, it is unknown if that is real.