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The Evil Manta
Time to die, Princess!
~ Evil Manta to Ariel.

Evil Manta is an evil being whom the ancient Merpeople once locked in a volcano, but Ariel accidentally lets him loose. He spreads strife and hatred among the people of Atlantica before Ariel stops him. Although it is unknown how old he is, he is believed to be ageless. He is an evil merman in the form of a giant black and purple manta ray, giving a foul presence to wherever he dwells. Later he tries to take over the seas several times, but is thwarted again and again by Ariel in the 1992 The Little Mermaid series.

He was voiced by Tim Curry.


He is a slender black and purple manta-ray merman who is both muscular and mustachioed.


In his first appearance, he tricked Ariel into freeing him from his volcano prison. He uses his sorcery to spread the shadow of prejudice. He is defeated when the sea creatures all band together and sing in harmony.

In his second appearance, everyone underwater believes that a boot is a weapon called a thingamajigger. It eventually comes into Manta’s possession and he uses it to threaten Triton. He is defeated when Ariel shows up with a pair of boots and scares him away.

In his next appearance, Manta buys Triton’s stolen trident from Mory the Eel. Ariel’s friend Urchin retrieves it but gets the Manta chasing after them. Manta kidnaps Flounder as a trade. Urchin shoots the trident, injuring both Manta and Flounder.

In his final appearance, Manta is training his son, Little Evil, to become a villain. Little Evil comes to be friends with Ariel, which infuriates Manta. Manta kidnaps Ariel and attempts to set a brain sponge on her. The sponge eventually turns on him but Ariel and Little Evil save him. He apparently reforms after that, if only a little bit.

Powers and Abilities

Evil Manta was mostly known for his use of spreading discord amongst others either with hypnosis or with telepathy. Either way, he could easily persuade others into doing as he wanted. Coupled with that, he has the ability to use electricity with his tail, abling to free himself from Ariel and Flounder's net.


For most of the series, Evil Manta lived up to his name, and was regarded as pure evil. He is very manipulative, even manipulating Ariel to release him from his prison in his debut. He desires power, and has wished for the trident and the Atlantican throne.

Despite his evil ways, he appears to be a good father to his son, although he does try to get Little Evil to follow in his footsteps at first. However, this also inadvertently caused him to reform.


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