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Evil Malicious WordGirl was the villainous copy of WordGirl in the PBS Kids educational show WordGirl.

Character description

She was created by Lady Redundant Woman when she ingested a photograph of the real WordGirl. Much like Lady Redundant Woman, she spoke redundantly and would often dub herself "WordGirl, Girl of Words." Lady Redundant Woman then orders her to steal all the thesauruses in Fair City (the city where the show takes place). This action causes the people of Fair City to lose their faith in the real WordGirl, even when they found out that the one who stole the thesauruses was an imposter. When WordGirl lures Evil Malicious WordGirl to where the sprinklers were set to go off, the evil clone bursts into copy paper. Lady Redundant Woman is defeated, and all the thesauruses are returned, and the townspeople then redevelop their faith in WordGirl.

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