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I'm Captain Kirk! I'M CAPTAIN KIRK!!!
~ Evil Kirk

Evil Kirk is a one-shot villain from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Enemy Within." He was a duplicate of Captain James T. Kirk that was created from a transporter malfunction. He is not related to the Mirror Universe version of Kirk.

Like Good Kirk, he is played by William Shatner.


While orbiting the planet Alfa 177, the USS Enterprise beams up a technician who has some magnetic ore on his clothing; this causes the transporter to malfunction, and when it beams up Kirk, he is split into two beings, one "good" and one "evil."

Evil Kirk spends much of the episode running amok on the Enterprise while his crew believes that he is the real Kirk, attacking crewmen and even attempting to sexually assault Yeoman Janice Rand in her quarters. Meanwhile, the "good" Kirk finds it harder to make decisions, and it becomes clear that the two halves of Kirk will not survive unless they are brought back together. On top of this, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu and the landing party are in danger of freezing to death on Alfa 177 if the transporter isn't fixed in time.

After a cat-and-mouse game, Evil Kirk is prevented from killing Good Kirk by Commander Spock executing a Vulcan nerve pinch on him, and he was tied to a medical bed in Sickbay. There, Good Kirk talked to Evil Kirk, and released him so that they could both go to the transporter. However, Evil Kirk overpowered Good Kirk and, posing as his "good" self, attempted to take control of the Enterprise and abandon the landing party lying that they can't be saved from freezing to death. Unfortunately for him, Good Kirk appeared on the bridge with Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy, causing Evil Kirk to unsuccessfully convince the crew that he was the good one before he reacted violently, only to slowly burst into tears and beg to be reunited with his other half. The two Kirk halves got into the newly-repaired transporter and were successfully put back together.


'Jim' will do here, Janice.
~ Evil Kirk, to Yeoman Rand
You're too beautiful to ignore. Too much woman. We've both been pretending too long. [...] Stop pretending. Let's stop pretending. Come here, Janice. Don't fight me. Don't fight me, Janice.
~ Evil Kirk, attempting to rape Rand
I don't need you.
~ Evil Kirk, to Good Kirk
I'm the captain! Don't you understand?! I'm captain of the ship! I'M THE CAPTAIN! THIS IS MY SHIP!! MY SHIP!! IT'S MINE!!!
~ Evil Kirk freaking out on the bridge after Good Kirk appears
I'll kill you!
~ Evil Kirk, to Good Kirk when he approaches him on the bridge
Please, I don't want to. Don't make me. Don't make me. [...] I don't wanna go back. Please! I wanna live! [...] I wanna live!
~ Evil Kirk, breaking down