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Evil kleb

Evil K-Leb

Evil K-Leb is a recurring antangonist and the arch-enemy of K-Leb, the main mascot of the K-Zone Magazine. He and K-Leb appears in the K-Leb's own comic series in the K-Zone Magazine. Evil K-Leb's physical appearance greatly ressembles K-Leb's, except that he is color in all black, not red. He is more serious than his prankster counterpart. He has his own secret lair and his own robot army. In the August 2011 issue of K-Zone, the K-Leb comics features Evil K-Leb, explaining how hard is to be a villain, from evil mobs, buying his own secret lair on a volcano and enlisting his own robot army. To the suprise of Evil K-leb, K-Leb joins his robot army. At the end Evil K-Leb's lair was destroyed due to his good counterpart's curiosity. Well, he once built his fortress on the moon, but his opposite version came to the moon for some "much needed chillaxing" and forgot to book in advance and finds Evil K-Leb's lair in which he thought was a bed and breakfast. And again, his good but lazy counterpart almost destroys his lair, so Evil K-Leb invited Darth Vader to keep him "company. But K-Leb beats Darth Vader's highscore in Just Dance.

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