Let me out, Gregory.
~ Evil Gregory

Evil Gregory is the main antagonist from the 2009 short film, Behind Closed Door. He is a strange and mysterious creature who hides in Gregory's wardrobe and looks exactly like Gregory, but with a deformed, demonic face and less hair.

He was voiced by Jonathan Button.

Role in the film

Gregory often hears noisy and scary sounds coming out of his wardrobe. When the noise is too loud, Gregory's father gets so angry and dashes into the room. The boy about a monster in his wardrobe, but the father tells him there was no such a thing as monsters.

Next evening, Gregory wants to enter his bedroom, only to see a nightmarish and mysterious being standing in the door. When the boy eventually dares to open his eyes, the creature is gone. Although he doesn't want to, the drunk father's arrival eventually forces Gregory to go to his bedroom. Suddenly, he hears the creepy voice and giggling coming out of the wardrobe and asking Gregory to let him out. The boy opens the wardrobe, but there is no one inside. He closes it, only to notice the same creature standing next to him.

Gregory quickly runs away, but when he sees the father hitting his mother heavily, the determined boy turns back and returns to his room. The drunk and furious father follows him in order to beat him as well, but when he enters the bedroom, it appears to be empty. Suddenly, he hears some noises from the wardrobe and he opens it hoping to find his son inside. Much to his shock, he is attacked by a strange creature who jumps from the wardrobe in no time. The monsters bites the father to his left shoulder mortally and leaves him to die in blood. Realizing the creature looks like his son, except his demonic face, the father calls him a monster. However, the creature only repeats his own words when it says there was no such a thing. The father then dies and the creature turns back into Gregory.

The boy comes back to his shaken mother and tells her the father couldn't hurt them again. As he opens his eyes, they turn from normal into demonic black.